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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Archy Williams Wants Sharia Law in UK

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Now... I'm not opposed to this idea.

Christian groups are vying that `social cohesian` cannot be achieved by integrating Sharia law to the UK system because we're staunchly and absolutely Christian and the Islamic savages can do Sharia on their own time in their own places.

Personally I don't think `social cohesien` isn't about blurring the boundries between cultures and unifying the world into a single race - I think it's about affording other groups the liberty to do and choose as they see right or proper, so long as it doesn't offend or encroach on another group and having Sharia divorce courts can only serve to the benefit of not only Muslim communities, but also to the traditional *Christian* legal system. After all, you can't send a naughty child to a tribunal and you can't send a murderer to his room. People are different and have different needs and denying them is denying them their rights to identity, and THAT is an ``erosion of Christian law``.

In short: Here's a message to Christian groups - `SUMO: Shut Up! Move On!`


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