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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thought I'd publish some of my poetry

Ballad of St Edmund the Martyr
By Ben

St Edmund the Martyr did die with so many arrows in his back
as a man dieing the death of st Edmund the martyr should merit
A number that is a lot
A number that only the Danish heathens could count.


But St Edmund the Martyr did have the last posthumous laugh
'pon the Danes all dieing of death.
In 970 AD.


Jesus in Canaan
By Ben

And you've missed it.

That whater you've grown so adoringly with
Whater no more.
Wine in jugs.
Wine in jugs.

A soft ambience of applause ripples through the crowd
at this miracle

But all the guests, despite their etiquette
In their turbans do throw the Qu'ran at Jesus

Because now they're thirsty.


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