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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Benatron

Most guys don't take an interest in what their women wear...

I don't don't.

I even designed La a dress tonight and it was AWESOME!

It was made of chiffon which is this stuff. But that's really see through so there are some novelty sunglasses to cover the (boobs). It is sleeveless and has a very straight neckline with some hidden extras...

Firstly, as my wife likes flowers, there's a rose that pokes out of the side so she can always be near a rose. Ther is also a breadstick out of the other hip in case she gets hungry.

Under the rose there's a CO2 fire extinguisher to deal with type A and B fires just in case she catches fire in a type A or B way. (in addition this can be extended to all other fire classifications)

The dress also features a solar panel in the tummy section which is handy for powering any rocket powered park benches you might happen upon in the park or doodle.

The ensemble is complete with a sombrero.

The dress is best modeled (apart from on La) on a flying park bench with a model with webbed feet and a cocktail class with a flying fish with half moon glasses and angel wings floating ahead. The scene should show the bench and it's model flying very very fast and the model in a state of shock.

The dress is called:

The Benatron


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