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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This weekend was nice.

My big brother got married (to a woman, which closes the door on a lot of my 13 year old banter) in a big ole hotel in Wales which was nice. I was an usher but didn't get thanked in the groom's speech (though I thanked my ushers in mine, not that I'm sore or anything - no seriously it's okay, it's fine, don't worry about me).

Then after that he was all married 'n' that. And so was Rhian. And Blah remained married. Smugly.

Then I went mountain biking with my friend JD which was similarly immense, more mud, but I'm sure just as much adrenaline looking at my big brother at the altar front of the civil ceremony.

While doing this, my wife who is Laura went for a day out in Bath which is a place near Bristol which is a place on the Bristol Channel because this is where JD lives now and where Jane Austen used to live and she liked that. Then we all went out for dinner at a pub and I drank lots of coke (because I threw up the previous evening's ale that morning). And then we were walking home but I was alert and sobor and heard this from an underground trendy smoky jazz bar... wait, I'll get the link, hang on...

Dale Hambridge Trio Myspace

Which I has to say was some of the very very best live music it has ever been my pleasure to listen to. So we all sat in a corner booth with an overpriced bottle of chablis and mellowed into the music.

Then we came home and went to the gallery with the wife in Norwich Castle which was also nice.

Oh, and we hired a Yaris, which was a 1 litre in-line 3 cylinder which was the most disappointing thing ab00t the weekend but we didn't let that spoil our time for we are strong people.


So in summary:

Big brother isn't homo (not that I'd think any different)
Mountain biking with JD
La likes Bath
The exhibition about decorative arts in the castle
Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazz Club (remmeber that??)

6 pints of worthingtons

And don't forget, for YOUR chance to win a weekend for two in sunny Brixton, send your suggestions for what I should be doing with my life. Send answers the back of a postcard to Benquest, Livingstn St, Norwington, PO Box 1337. Don't forget to include your name, age, adress and a daytime contact telephone numbers. Winners are selected at random. All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult, and always ask permission from whoever pays the bill. Good luck!

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