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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Different models of church and fellowship

Today I was thinking about the different forms Christianity and fellowship take. There are a zillion ways to worship, a Brasilian different ways fellowship is manifest through time and culture. I google imaged a brainstorm on this.

p.s This post doesn't really have a point, but it was interesting to research none the less.

Different models of church and Fellowship

Building somewhere to encapsulate Christianity in a city (thingy cathederal)

All the hype your money can buy (Hillsongs)

Arting to the glory of God (sistine Chapel)

The place to be (The Vatican Ghetto)

Jesus entertaining His crew (The Last Supper)

Faith in the middle of nowhere (Australian outback church)

Making culture churchful (Our old friends)

Mutual Support (Christian Unions / Christians Anonymous)

Love (In the Sanctity of our lil' Marriage)

Online support(NYFC Forum)

Christians doing what Christians do best (objecting to stuff)

The evolution of the church

....Just because


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