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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Conservatism 1

To the untrained Roughage-Reader, I probably appear like a political yo-yo, routinely flicking between the dangerously conservative and the sickeningly liberal and then back again. In actuality, my political mindset distinguishes between the social and the Christian. My opinions on society and its governance are awfully conservative – I think the judicial system shoots itself in the foot by early prison release, political correctness is one of society’s main downfalls (sorry, Helen B) and the welfare state has become a crutch for certain sects of society because it doesn't discern enough. My views on Christianity, however, are so liberal they make my gums bleed. I don’t agree that Benny Hinn and co have a generic revelation, I don’t agree that tithing should be to the church, or should even be a statue 10% and nor do I believe any person in the wider society should be made to conform to the Christian’s morals (Eg Jerry Springer protests).

Today, I thought I’d give those conservative Christians a break from my incessant harassment and concentrate on pointing out society’s mistakes, because as we all know, I’m always right by default.

The below is an extract from Inigo Wilson’s blog, the disgraced spokesman person for Orange who has been suspended for being too conservative. In my eyes, you don’t discipline a person at work for their political opinion (well, maybe if they paint swastikas on the front door or dress only in a thong). But it seems poor Inigo has fallen victim to what I think of political prejudice. Granted, his views on Islamaphobia are the sort that keep human rights lawyers in Gucci suits and Rolexes, but it’s the principle of balancing political taboos with the EU-unconstitutional concepts of PC culture and political centrality that leave our little country clueless with regards where the lines of acceptability and social interaction are drawn.

In my eyes, political censorship is contrary to the fundamental principles of democracy and abuses liberty. I don’t think society en masse needs this kind of parental control. It seems to me, that the John Major government (in reaction to the frustrated socialists antagonised by the previous St Thatcher) and all successive cabinets are bound to the fear of the incalculable apocalyptic engulfment of society by the conservative minority. And every view that hasn’t been approved by BBC executives and Civil servants in suits who eat museli and have the word `liase` in their job titles, are predisposed to repeat 1930s Germany.

In reality, I think society at the individual and intersocial levels has it’s own knack of self-censorship. Look at any high school, there are natural groups –Homer Simpson says…
``there are the jocks and the nerds. It’s my job as a jock to give the nerds a hard time``
And this is an omnipresent concept where you group random people together in the faith of a self levelling feudal mutuality that becomes one of the basic human states and instincts.

Now freedom of speech, in the context of the supposed abuse thereof by the senseless Right Wing minorities, is not a finite commodity like money or goods that one person or group acquires at the expense of another. Mr Wilson (below) satiricly calls racism `the worst crime ever conceived of`. If an abusive expression of words is indeed as bad as Blair and co seem to think, then conventional football ralleighing, Parliament and Jerry Springer should all be likewise stilled under the iron cushion that is the interest of political correctness.

The above point about a natural mutuality in groups that works towards an automatic sociological mechanical system, I think, inherently polices this verbal villainy that our little century strives to control and denounce.

Ours, is the only epoch that has *needed* political correctness. Our country was worth the most and was the most upstanding (and Christian) before the days of self censorship. Boundaries were self evident in society and needed no scribing to be true. People knew their place, and though often were not happy with it, did not demand success at the expense of another.

I'll blog the other thing that's been annoying me another day *yawn*

Extract Outlining Definitions of Modern Terms from Inigo Wilson’s Blog

Equal - as in ‘opportunities’: describes the desire to have a workforce resemble the population it comes from, rather than matched to the task in hand.  See 'diversity'.
Hate-crime - same as 'normal' crime as far as victims are concerned - but much more distressing for Lefties.    
Impartial - media, BBC: the balance achieved by attacking the Opposition for being Conservative and attacking the Government for being insufficiently Lefty.
Multi-cultural - All culture is valid - unless Western in some way. Usually to be 'celebrated' and always found to be 'vibrant'. See 'diversity'.
NGO - Non Governmental Organisation – the repository of all moral authority in Lefty World and whose words and motives may never be questioned.
Organised labour - what Lefties used to be interested in
Racist - means "shut up!" - and is much, much worse than being violent, thoughtless or unkind. In fact, easily the worst crime ever conceived of.
Skills-based - education: "teach the little ba**ards Microsoft Word or something. They don't actually need to know anything…".
Social exclusion - where bad people, behaving badly, somehow became our fault.
Stereotype - any attempt to describe the general characteristics of a group favoured by Lefties.


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