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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Lord's Prayer Translated from t'Oringinal Aramaic

As discovered at St Augustine's this morning. (Note to St Augustines: I owe you one `Morning Service` sheet)

Our Father, who is throughout the universe.
let your name be set apart and holy.
Through your kingdon and counsel,
let your desire and delight be,
as in the universe, also upon the earth.
Give us this day bread for our necessities
and food for our understanding,
and free us from our offences, as also
we have freed our offenders.
And let us not enter our temptation,
or make do with worldliness,
but set us free from error and
For the kingdon, the power and the song
belong to you
from ages to ages
Sealed in faithfulness


  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Andii said…

    That's a nice redition of the prayer. Thanks. However, it's a bit misleading to have it called a translation, a paraphrase is more like it. Need to be careful here, there's a lot of stuff flying about allegedly based "on the original Aramaic" which is nothing of the kind. There is no original Aramaic version available to us. I won't go into it here as there is loads more info on the issue here.
    It may be that this version will get a reference there and a link back to this posting.


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