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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wow, slow down...


  • At 9:32 AM, Anonymous meee! said…

    What were you doing googling the word 'box'? Ben, you naughty boy.

  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger Timothy V Reeves said…

    Is the link a Wikipedia spoof article? As for your commentator above he clearly knows something I don’t as far as using the Internet is concerned to get just what he wants (wink, wink, ….. say no more). And who is Dave? (You know what I mean!) Whatever sort of people do you mix with Ben?

    As for the Blog I love it:

    Perspective and Authentic faith: I like the opening contrast of fence painting do-goodery and global mega death!

    Also, I love many of the insightful turns of phrases. Where do you get them from? E.G.:

    “Perhaps Authentic love even says that for all the Christian festivals, jumping, overpriced speakers and tear jerking cathartic songs – maybe, just maybe, God would be more pleased if that blip on your bank statement would have been more lovingly channeled into cleaning a village's water supply or tending to anti-retroviral medications”.

    “And not in the `Oh dear that's a terrible tsunami, have three pounds` way or even a `fair trade biscuits taste disgusting but I buy them anyway` way – in a stark awareness of standing up and realising the beauty behind authentic faith.”

    Great stuff, keep it coming, keep the fire burning, what ever they say, whatever patronizing gibberish you get in place of a real engagement. But at times I found reading your stuff a bit like looking at the planet Mars in the days before space probes; you look at it and occasionally you think you discern a canal or two, evidence of advanced intelligence, but you’re not sure whether that is down to one’s inability to grasp what’s really there or whether it’s there at all. All a bit rambling for me, I am afraid, but then that may be just me - I like formal stuff all laid out fair and square. Hence, not surprisingly then, I find your informal “thinking aloud”, almost delirium style of presentation a little difficult to handle at times. Not that that makes it bad mind you; delirium states are a kind of dream state and dreams have meaning and as such often come up with some very useful, very creative and insightful juxtapositions. But then the critical faculties need to move in to sculpt the raw material of kaleidoscopic visions. However, let me say that in a lot of places in your blog I thought I sensed great insights that were just beyond the edge of my detectability. That’s probably down to my limitations.

    Don’t let anyone say you haven’t got a gift (of God) here. Often you’ll find that the average churchgoer, spoon fed by some overrated cliché surfing preacher-man on a crass “holy spiritism” will glaze over if you come up with stunningly original, unfamiliar or difficult material, and won’t have the first idea how to respond to it if its not couched in the familiar thread bare religious clichés. I have yet to work out if such a reaction is due to fear, prejudice or stupidity.

    As for the overriding place of one’s ability to love in your scheme and philosophy of things – that I don’t accept. I wasn’t put into this cosmos to be the greatest of all agape lovers – that I’ll never be. What fascinates me is that I’m here at all, and what fascinates me even more, given the Biblical view, is the mystery of God’s creative work and agape of which it is our privilege to have been brought out of contingency to witness and to be the beneficiaries of. That’s what I call the meaning of life the universe and everything.

    Anyway, I’m off to mow a lawn or paint a fence or two. Childs copy of Father’s love.

    PS. Spot the spelling mistake above – thought I’d better have at least one in a blog like yours!


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