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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Environment 'n' That

The Wastelands is my friend Helen's blog what I didn't know existed on waste, recycling and sustaining the earth's resources... So it was a surprise to find this blog lurking away. Helen's normal blog is here: Just Fine And Dandy.

I don't know where I stand with all things environmental. I squash milk bottles so they take up less room, only fill the kettle with the water I need, don't leave the TV and we're about to sign up for British Gas' Green tariff. But I'd be reluctant to actually go out of my way to stop people from frogging up all over the planet.

It's quite strange because I absolutely love England's green and pleasant lands with Derbyshire hills - and the few parts of Scotland I've seen have been breath taking as well. If half the world is as beautiful as the natural parts of it I've seen then I recon it's worth fighting for, and to irreversably loose it would be beyond lamentation.

But land prices are increasing at an alarming speed leaving La and I unable to afford a mortgage. In this society I think the demand for land has a higher price than value of its conservation. Urbanisation and the increase of capitolism has proved itself invaluable for the future of this country so I think the world has basicly found itself over populated and over demanding of it's natural resources. If this leads to a play off between nature and industy, which it almost certainly will, then I fear we may well loose the beauty of God's creation.

The thing is, I think I'm in the same boat as virtually everyone in the country. I do have a responsibility for the natural world, and I think to some extent I also have a debt for the stupidity those with more toxicity than sense! But I also have a responsibility to my household and to my work etc, and many times, the environmental approach isn't necessarily ignored, it's just sadly lower down on the list of things to do in a day.

I can only imagine this planet getting worse and worse off, and so long as people have cars when they dn't need them or throw away things they can recycle or this country's power is exacebated by cheap gas pipelines with Scandenavia, I don't envisage a happier planet. I see my responsibility to do my effort to minimize the damage that's caused to the earth due to me, and stay mindful and enthusiastic of environmentalist issues.


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