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Friday, November 03, 2006

Void of Viewpoints

Everyone's favourite Heather wrote this last night about how different views can be taken on a number of issues in one area. Heather and Paul live in the outside of the city (afaik) in the kind of quasi-rural village that I'm used to living in. It's a shock moving to the NR3 borough, and I make no secret about how much I miss my peace.

Imagine rows and rows of mid/late nineteenth century Sheffield/Mancunian terraced houses that that's the kind of neighbourhood we live in. (If you've been to Fridays, we live virtually opposite). Beaconsfield Road is the 6th most transient street in Norwich (probably because people realise how kack it is here then move!) and it's interesting to see the apathy of the residents. I can imagine in Paul & Heather's village there would be people settled there, people who care about their village. Beaconsfield Road seems like the complete opposite, there are very few if not: no residents groups, no conversation at Tesco or the Post Office, and the people living on the street don't tend to talk to one another at all.

Reality planted a kind of gravel garden thing near the top of Silver Road (the road that Beaconsfield Road joins onto) but I don't think it's changed the mood of our area, and it took us a long time to notice.

I think maybe this apathy is caused by a combination of people working more hours in the day (and more people in the household working these hours) and the actual transient nature of the street itself. As for me I know that sometime in the next five years I want to be living outside of the city, so the street we live on at the moment is only a kind of stepping stone for us.

But back in the day, this would be the sort of street people would have jubilee street parties on and really sociable housewives. Looking at the 1916 census, there were a family of twelve living in our house - so there must have always been a hubbub round the area with so many people.

It's a shame the road has become so throw-away and I hope one day we can move somewhere with an emphasis on community and viewpoints can be encouraged to conserve an area - whether they be anti-gypsey or not!!


In other news, More Matt:

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