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Friday, October 27, 2006

Utilities 'n' That

Today is the one year anniversary of Laura and me living together. W00t!

Okay, in April, I wrote this, a list of (nearly) ten things I wanted to do before I was thirty. Only have ten years to go before this happens so I made a start this afternoon.

Listy list:
1) Get Blood out of a stone and write a book about it (Bonus if forward by J.Lo afterthought: will settle for P.Diddy).

2) Have sex while playing Goldeneye.

3) Hypnotise the mayor of Norwich.

4) Invent a cerial that makes the eater invisible (Bonus if it's proper healthy).

5) Work out the difference between a green and white Parliamentory paper.

6) Understand how the electricity bill is calculated.

7) Use the words `Testosterone`, `Accrostick` and `Porcelain` in the same sentence (conversationally) without using conjenctions.

8) Have the term `thank you` made into one word.

9) Get married to La and don't piss her off so much she leaves.


Because we've been with [e]npower for a 365 days, they said we'd get £57.50 for free for some sort of loyalty for the year, so I've waited until today before seeing if there was any cheaper utility suppliers. I've been on a bit of an adventure finding out point 5) on my list.

The reason the bill says the gas charges are:
481 kWh at 2.980p per kWh
2159 kWh at 1.550p per kWh

not because we have two gas pipes like I thought, but because after a certain point they charge us LESS for the amount we use!

Who the bloody hell is going to work that out!?

Lekkie turned out to be more easier - there's a number on a box under the stairs that you just tell the nice chap. I assume that's how many litres of electricity we've used... But even that has a `day` rate and `night` rate that isn't talked about on the bill.

Anyhoo, Atlantic Electric and Gas are frikkin' well good to change to. They've saved us £182.15 a year, had awesome customer service*, save 10% at argos and homebase as well as building up points for them an airmiles, save 3% on having both gas and lekkie, 12% on gas and electric by paying by DD.... oh, and I got through to the call centre straight away. Only bad thing is they don't have a green tariff.

I don't normally recommend companies as I think advocating capitolist pollution is camp, but I'd reccomend giving them your bell on 08457444555.

Now off to find someone cheaper than ... *checks filing cabinet* ... ``Anglian Water``?? (I've never heard of them - how lame is that)


* in your worship leading face, Monty! You mocked me for this but I emailed AE&G saying how good Lindsay on ext 31942 was! She said if I was confused again I could ring her even if I was with another supplier. Perhaps she wanted me in a sexual context :s


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