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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 2

I don't know if this is too outspoken a question to ask, but do David Cameron and Mr Letwin get on okay? Like I said, Dave is akin to a snot in my eyes and I think of Mr Letwin as better than that. Do you think Mr Letwin would make a good Prime Minister, Ms Charles?

I tried to search for tory party on the old google web as you suggested and couldn't find it, do you have a link to them?

Yours sincerely

Benvolio `Ben` Foster


Yes, they do get on well.



It's good to hear that Mr Letwin and David Cameron get on okay - I expect Mr Letwin is being the bigger man in it all. I respect him for that.

Many thanks for the link, here are some facts I thought you might like from the Party Website...
-The name "conservative" was used by George Canning as early as 1824 and was first popularized by John Wilson Croker in the Quarterly Review in 1830.
`For every acre of [children's recreational] play space, there are 80 acres of golf club space in Wales`.

How is your day going, Ms Charles? Do you enjoy working for Mr Letwin?

Yours sincerely

Ben Foster


  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger Dave said…


    I daresay she was enjoying her job till a couple of days ago. Although she does keep replying!


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