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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Square Inland Revenue in a Round Budget

On reading the news today, aparently the Police, NHS and armed forces don't have enough money. Everyone moans at taxation, but I'd be perfectly happy to pay another few hundred quid a year to keep the public sector working okay. It creates employment and is a comfort when Al Quaida think it's a good idea to bomb us to pieces...

Anyhoo, doesn't much more need to be said about this, other than La and me are bouncing on breadline poor because Mr Brown (God love him) is refusing to stop property values increasing and yet I'd be prepeared to be taxed more to make the State better. Let's face it, we all know:

- the education system
- the police
- the MoD
- the NHS (no link needed)
- prisons
- local post offices
- research into practical renewable enrgy sources, an applying them to everyday use

... Are all underfunded government organisations (whether they're subsidised or directly sponsered by the state or not), and save the post offices, these are all organisations we desperately NEED now, and all are failing to deliver.

It's time to stop outsourcing jobs from the public to private sector, time to stop subsidising UK space exploration, maybe time to curb asylum and EU outward investment tariffs. But edging up taxes on alcohol, tobacco, fuel, and 4x4s (excellent news on that last!) is no fix to the growing problems of budget deficit.

I think it's time we had an unpopular chancellor who'se bold enough to increase basic Income Tax by half a percent. I think that would cost me in the region of about £200 a year (or £16 a month!) which is just on a small salary. I recon for the country's 45 million or so tax payers the state treasury would be worth much more than that needed to make the deficit and more... the point being it's a worthy sacrifice.

On the subject of budgetting, Mr Cameron's made this in his spare time which is worth a butcher's look


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