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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Vicar All Stroppy About Marrying Gays

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Like our vicar says `I don't marry you, I facilitate you marrying each other`.

Bit of a sticky wickett here but if push is shoving come, I think I might well side with the vicar about:
'I love you both but I can't bless it or allow you to use our halls because I don't think God would bless it'.

I think that's fair to say. The vicar would have been wrong in saying `gays shouldn't marry`, all this guy is saying is `under the circumstances I don't think you should consider church or a man of the cloth to do this`.

Do disagree about the boarding house thing though - that's nothing to do with blessings but shows signs of being uncomfortable and violated for no other reason than naivity and homophobia

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