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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Mr Chris Tomlin

Dear Mr Chris Tomlin

I'll make this quick....

you recently asked `how great is our God`, well assuming we wership the saim God and my theology is correct... then:

Imagine Four double decker buses on top of Saint Paul's Cathedral atop the Empire State Building (in America) satnding on tip toes... then imagine the great wall of china is laid out and all straight... but with hadrian's wall at the begining as a sort of wallish preample... then you have to imagine the two tied together with toit elastics... think of how far away the first decker of the first bus is away from the last brick of the great wall is... that's massive yeah?

Better still right, imagine the sun and pluto - they're miles away right, so imagine that but then imagine they've fallen out over whose turn it is to take the bin out or something and pluto has gone to another galaxy to stay with his joint custody parent stella system... that's a really big distance innit?

Actually, forget that yeah - imagine instead a betrayed bloody half naked Jew butchered to a cross while people point at him and go `uuhh, if you was God yeah you'd like get down now wuncha? Such a dick'ead!` and then imagine him forgivin the guys who give him the most sarcastic purple robe ever and who irreverently poke the side of his dead body with spear just to make sure he's dead... And imagine him being as dead as you can get and then trapped in a tomb and then imagine him goin `w00t w00t! Who's risen now, Disciples?!` (him) and then John quietly going `listen, about that betrayal - I didn't realise the cock would take that long to crow...` and then the Jew going `your sins are forgiven you 'n' that`

Imagined that? Well that's how great Mr Tomlin. I hope this has cleared up the matter and you can go back to making some of the most holy music ever to be made.

Yours in Christ



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