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Sunday, April 12, 2009

It just occured to me...

... That I'm a twenty something.

This is something of a revelation really. Despite being married for a year and a half (we're sorting out the wedding album today by the way - woo!) I still feel like a sixth former most of the time. Maybe that's something to do with denial that I still don't really have a grown up job yet.

Anyway, this opens a whole new arena for me. I feel like I should wear CK blazers and armani aftershave sipping cocktails in fancy wine bars in the city... Or reading intelligent books and discussing them at length... or listening to chilled back jazz in a designer shag-pied-de-terre.

So I'm all but there and still with 8 and a half years left to get our designer pad (and being married to an interior designer, I can't really see that bein a problem).

I like being a twentysomething. I makes me feel emancipated from the realm of teenagedom, and justified in not having everything grownups *should* have (like a mortgage, 2.4 children and a Citroen Xantia).

This does beg the question of what a thirty something needs to have/acheive but I don't need to think about that yet.

Oh, and lent went rather well, thanks for asking. I enjoyed picking up The Sun for the first time in ages and reading Hagar the Horrible. In giving up being thick (for lent) I've managed to proffer interesting editorials in a forthcoming best-seller, got wifey in touch with a proof reading project, read Obama's `The Audacity of Hope`, reading Zadie Smith's `On Beauty`, saw `Dai (enough)` at the Theatre and generally been more thoughtful about the world.

I, along with everyone else I know who's done lent this year seem to have gotten something lasting and eye opening from the whole experience. Is nice.


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