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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stick that kettle on!

... Because everyone's favourite Blah are back from Scurrtlund!

Was a nice week of fishing, whisky and meeting new family.

It's the habit of Fosters to live far apart and not really like one another, so to meet the MacDonald's/McDonalds was nice. They're very welcoming and friendly people and I feel welcomed, friended and well fed.

I said hello to most at the wedding, but that was over a year 'narf ago and that was a case of  `...and this is Uncle John`, `helllo, Uncle John` and then being pulled away so this was the first time I really met them met them.

Interesting things done include
  • seeing the oldest tree fossil in scotland
  • eating 500 year old shortbread
  • watching angles and demons to escape the rain
  • going to Iona and finding out it is gay
  • seeing the Falkerk wheel
  • flying on the world's tiniest plane
So there you have it.

Milk, no sugar, ta.


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