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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dear Mr Derren Brown

Good morning, Mr Derren Brown

Perhaps you've been expecting me?

My name is iBen Foster and I too am a fellow mentalist. I have immersed my very self in the realms of the psychic for many years now. A great many years Mr Derren Brown. Perhaps you've heard of me? I keep myself to the Norwich underground scene.

I'm here (on e-mails) today to speak to you about a phenomenon which I have been studying called `Pascoe's Ubiquitous Personality Basket Effect` (or P'UPBE). It is a very little known phenomenon which I have only be'heard fromce Pascal's very own great great grandson, Guy Pascoe himself. (You probably wouldn't have heard of him)

For P'UPBE to take place there needs to be present but seven people and the Basket-Master himself/her making a grand sum total of 8 physical people. The Basket-Master begins with the words `François D'François! Myne friend, myne ubiquitous Lord, I beseach thyself to com'eth unto this gathering!` Once François D'François has been summoned by the Basket-Master the gathered assembly all write down the name of the person sitting to the left of themselves, then having folded the paper in half four times, put it in the Personality Basket in the middle of the table.

The Basket-Master then declares `François D'François, you have treated us well` at which point François D'François departs. The Basket-Master pulls out a piece of paper, literally at random and declares the name loudly and clearly to the assembly (EG: `MARY!`). The benamed assemblee would then stand to his feet/her and face the Basket-Master. The Basket-Master will stare into his eyes/her and will initiate a conversation, the result of which will be the delegate will be compelled to bespeak a truth to the gathered that he hasn't/she ever told anyone (EG `I've been poisoning my husband with lead these last few years`). The now cleansed person will thence beseat themselves and the Basket-Master will take another item of paper from the Secrets-Basket.

Now, Mr Derren Brown, I have mastered the entire routine by heart. but struggle to get the deligee to bespeak a real human truth. Perhaps you can help me? I shall be performing at a secret location on Theatre Street, Norwich later this year for a private performance. Perhaps you would be inclined to join me?

Yours sincerely

Mr iBen Foster


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