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Monday, November 20, 2006

Being all growed up 'n' that

Life at the moment is rather exciting.

I've lost three permanent jobs this year and am yet to find my fourth which leaves me in risky state of limbo between jobs. La's pay doesn't cover the bills alone so there's all sorts of grown up type pressure to find work.

What I'm learning is I can't be too proud to do work. This weekend I worked 24 hours (to 1am) at a building site to earn money which was a really good experience. I think I've learned that you can't be too proud to do work, and if you're not, God will provide.

I remember last week looking over my references and thinking `I'm never going to be employed ever and we're going to get thrown out of our home and La's dad won't let me marry his daughter and I'm going to die a pennyless untalented French writer`, and about mid day sitting earnestly on the bed praying for work to come in. I'd heard rumous that there was work at the Cromer crab factory available for minimum wage and for the first time thinking it would be excellent to do that kind of work. So my prayer wasn't for well paid work or work that might give me the skills to further my career but for an honest day's work that payed a fair wage.

That afternoon I rang two agencies back who offered me good work and a combined 51 hour week which is awesome. the first was the building site who asked me back next week (that was really good stuff - I was working with a Polish migrant and I might blog on that at some point). The second work is data entry from 5pm-9pm Mon-Fri so I'm looking foreward to that later.

I think I'm learning that if I work hard and trust God, his provision is bigger than my needs&overdraught. I'm glad I'm learning this now because I think La's getting slightly overwhelemed with her mother and her work sucking and wedding and having less than no money with me not having a f/t job. I may be wrong but I think I'm being quite strong in this situation which is good for us.

Gutted I couldn't get to church this Sunday though, seems like ages since I've been.

Other news I'm praying/applying for joining the Police Force as a PCSO. I want to use that as a stepping stone to become a proper constable one day. I'd like to help people and actually be proud of my work (and La and possibly children to be proud of my work). I think I'd make a good police man but I'm not quite growed up enough yet.

... But then again, I wouldn't have considered working in a building site or trusting God twelve months ago, so maybe growing up is a work in progress.


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