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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

'Sadam Pickle in Iraq...

... But will a short rope help restore peace to an otherwise desperate country?

The issue of the nature of Sadam's death is, although condign, an irrelevance in my opinion. Last night on Dispatches on Channel 4 the consensus of much of the country is that ``no decent Iraqi would have not wanted Sadam to change, but no Iraqi would want the current American occupation``, a view shared by even the Shia community.

The tabloids are obviously vocal with the extent to which execution will exacebate the Sunni militia, and even the BBC headlined that US *peace keeping* troops had leave cancelled to police the kurfews imposed on areas of the country. But is this an obvious illustration that maybe executing Sadam might not be the best idea after all?

I've been a vehmehenehnt supporter of the Iraqi war from the start, and even now I still believe that despite the current unrest it's better for a country to outlaw active terrorists than to proscribe and torture those who think they deserve human rights.

Figure heading the EU's save-the-dictator campaign Blair and Italian Prime Minister Prodi are making an honourable stand against the Iraqi judicial barbarity and it's comforting to hear our national leader assert the UK's stance on death being no sane form of retribution - especially after 2003's shop-a-dictator campaign!

But like I've said before, let us remember that Sadam's been brought to his nation's justice and God is not blind to imparting the justice in the fair and divine manor to which our world can not compare. So let the Iraqies decide the nature of the absolute punishment he will receive. After all, if it's the Shia communities that have suffered at his electrodes, and tongue removal impliments, then so long as justice is served, let it be based on their own beliefs.

However, considering us Westerners have been trying to oust Hussain for a decade or so, let us not get carried away and endulge in this final victory in one battle on the `war on terror`. Bush and the coalition have the responsibility to see what will come to Iraq post-noose.

It seems Bush's boys were so concerned with ripping down monuments and shooting iconic media video-bites of tanks rolling over posters of its enemy, the pragmatism of the change of regime itself was lost in a haze of hardcore UK tabloid combetatns calling Blair Bush's lapdog and US Democrats calling the Republicans fascist prigs.

My uninformed prayer is that after Sadam is hanged, those who value spin before freedom might work together with the elected leaders of the USA, UK, Italy, France et al to unite Iraq once again. My prayer is that the occupying forces in Iraq will earn the respect of the populous and images like Abu Ghraib will be a distant icon of the bad times of Iraq and the people will work with the West as they provide water, reliable power, employment and freedom to the nation.

My prayer is also that the hanging of Sadam will usher in a new order of peace and liberty and will be a memorable icon of the victory of peace of tyranny, just like the justice given to Hermann Goering in Nüremburg.


  • At 6:03 PM, Blogger Timothy V Reeves said…

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  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger Timothy V Reeves said…

    Yes, I tend to agree.

    Now when you headed this one "Sadam Pickle..." I did wonder if you were going to advocate one of Sadam's own prefered methods of execution: the acid bath!

    Anyway, pretty tame compared to the sort of stuff Helselata's published in her blog recently! And you call her liberal?


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