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Sunday, December 24, 2006

'Tis the Season

`Let me tell you about the greatest story ever told. Cast your mind back to 1997...`

Harrods releases its singing bauball range.

Dr Rowan: `Hmm, says here Jesus was born in a stable. God knows what he was thinking...`

Afghanistan's Interior Minister supports the sacking of `Tourism and leisure Poster comittee`

`So this guy comes up and is all like `I got WMDs` and I'm all like `Ye-huuh! come over here 'n' wield that` so he comes over and is all like `What you gonna do bout it?` so I'm all up in his Northern Territories whippin' ass and toplling his regime. I'm the king of this world, dawg `

`I only went into an NHS hospital with an in-growing toenail and got infected with this`

`... me too.`


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