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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Is Someone Getting the Best of You?

I remember a talk by a Youth Officer/Young Persons Operative/Adolescant Liaison Agent/Youth Worker Mark Tuma in Fridays many moons ago. In my day if you will.

The talk wasn't big but I remember this video being played and the question simply:
``Is God getting your best, or someone else?``

That thought has stayed with me for quite some time and I think of what's happened in life since said talk - I've ||: gotten job, gotten fired :|| ; moved out - thricefold ; gotten married (woo) and in all the other filler that life brings that demands the best of me, where does God fit in on my priorities??

I'm used to God just being there, kind of like a thumb. Always present, making life easier but how much do i stop and thing - wow thumb, you enable me to pick up a beer can or use a pen or vote on hit miss or maybe?? See appendix 1.

Maybe that's why it's easy to give everything else my best - because God is so constant and unfickle, and he wont tell me off like my manager if I don't work hard for Him.

But the internecine paradox betwixt the world, God and me is that if I gave God more of me, then the other stuff I seem to think requires soo much exhaustion would fade into insignificance as it is sorted by Him. Maybe that's what faith am like...

A timely reminder, children. A timely reminder.




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