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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dear Oxford English Dictionary

Dear Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr Margot Charlton

Thankyou for your alarming response to my recent email which you send in but a trifling 15 hours after I sent mine!!! I've a good mind to jemail the Collins Dictionary and see what their response times are like! no douct not a patch on yours I dare say!

Now back to the issue at hand... I feel most abashed to not have noticed teflon... especially as it has been in the Dictionary longer than I are been alive!

Regarding the term thankyou that the dictionary has traditionally mis-spelt `thank you`, I am disapointed it has not yet been corrected. Whom can I appeal to rectify this offensive situation???

Seeing as I now have a penchant for the informing of new words... I am left but wondering - how doth a new word get added-eth unto the dictionary?? What happens when a word is born? What counts as words?? Am there criteria for a word to count? Ie - I heard a chav use the word `flambouyantizzle` to describe an aloof pimp the other day would this count as a word? Could I add it to the dictionary on his behalf ot does he need to write to you himself?

Please help me out in this most taxing of lexical conundra

Yours sincerely



  • At 8:08 PM, Blogger Timothy V Reeves said…

    Can you get them to add 'Bennage' to the OED on my behalf? No need to tell them what it means as you've given them a jolly good dose of it.

    While you're there can you inquire about the spelling of "Mawrfuh'uz". As a southern american departure from the anglo-saxon, they may need to know that the linguistic goal posts are on the move again.


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