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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear Alfredo

Shalom Alfredo Elliot

Many greetings from here in the Norfolk counties of the UK.

Firstly allow me to detail a little about myself. My name is Benjamin Foster and I am a 32 year old Jew. I haven't always been a Jew - I had my bah-mitzvah last year and my circumstician was not six months ago. But it is not my stout Hebrew penis that needs your attentions today. No, my boy.

To really be a true Semite, I need a strong authorative nose, so that while I count my gold and covet my neighbours posessions, and do all sorts of Bid-e-bid-bum Dickensian/Shakespearian stereotypes things, I can look out with a massive Jewish nose. Therefore - can you confirm that should the patch be applied to the nasal regions, it would promote augmentation of the nose?

Many thanks

Mr Benjamin F Foster


Subject: From Alfredo Elliott

The Pe ktk n uo is Patch
Pen qfe is Patch will help you expand,
lengthen and en ild lar fm ge your pen wts is and
experience several major changes in your se qks x life! l


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