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Friday, August 15, 2008

Werking hours and Forklift Driver Klaus (youtube it)

This week I are been mostly:

Driving a Fork Lift Truck that looks like this:

But bigger and with a big ole Gas canister on the back.

Have been seconded into working as a warehouse man in the yard that looks like this:

Which has involved owrking 8-5 mon-fri with weekend off. Has been the first time I've worked office hours since... *je pense* Summer 2006. Has been nice to feel a bit more normal for a change and one hopes to be in a position to carries this on. Maybe I should get another job - or not write that when my boss has this adress. Either way I know my priorities are La and our lil' home and when we have wee Blahlets skimming all over the floor (if they're male, and generally being orderly and lovelly if they're girls) then I'd like to work normal hours then.

Something to bear in mind.


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