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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Yesterday was our ferst annerversery. Is nice to see how many people sent us cards. Didn't think that's what people did with anniversaries but now I do know.

Spent the mornin ringining estate agencies about houses (We're loooking to move house).

Ended up going all the way to Watton to see a funny old one bedder that had windows on the skirting board (which were cracked), damp, rot, and everything seemed to just be... yellow except the stuff that was originally meant to be yellow which was just brown. Oh, and the landlord was a farmer and I don't trust farmers after watching [Withnail] and I

Not a good start, so we came home.

Then went to see a place in Scole which was a little thatched cottage which was really nice that I sounded really enthusiastic about. Oak beams throgoughout, nice gardens, quiet(ish), garage and drive. And is close to Diss so we don't really need o to start making new roots again.

Then we came home and did our marriage MOT. THat's what Paul and Rev Heath talked about with us in our marriage sessions with them last year. It's an annual sit down with a glass of champagne (but we had to drain the bottle obviously which was a pity) where we talk about all aspects of our relationship, from: how well we communicate, to (sex), to conflict and the like, which is a good way of stopping bad habits and the like to form cracks in the relationship. One recommends doing this with one's other half every now and then.

Then we had a mid night feast of pancakes.

The End.


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