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Sunday, November 27, 2005

1.49 am ramblings on more happyness

To anyone who says life is too much for them or that happyness is beyond their means:

I DECREE YOU A LIAR, Sir... and a lady with short hair!!!

I'm thinkihng back to my former life as a Yarco (citizen of Greater Yarmouth) and how I wasn't really happy. How commuting was a chore and living with family is the stupidist idea sinse Mussilini's career adviser had an `inside tip to the way to the top`.

Living with that La has bought a wealth of happyness on so many levels. (Her blog'll fill you in on the more deep parts). But I was thinking about grabbing life by the long and shapely and shaking i until it spurts out what you want from it.

In a wierd way, it's kinda been mirrored by moving outage, and how La's initial reluctence and my enthusiasm for it juxtoposed so much. It's like: you could have a dream for life and think on it - even look into doing it, but it won't satisfy the longing on the heart until you choose to act on it - to battle through obstacles* and have the guts to dream something.

Michelle Tumes sang:
`I believe there is divine imagination Give it wings for it created aviation Every little hope you’re holding inside Every little gleam you keep in you eyes A dream, yeah, a dream
Before a seed became a flower there was a vision The dream is planted deep, He’ll shower it with wisdom Flowing with love that’s making you smile You’ve waited in your faith you’ve dreamed your whole life Your soul begin to fly
There’s a dream in your heart And His heart is your prayer You can move mountains with your life in His hands He’ll tear down the walls and He’ll walk where you can’t Have faith in the power to believe He’s given you a dream `
... well it fits close enough. (Speaking of which, I should wear less hotpants).

I believe life is full of lessons, and the greatest you will ever learn (save `the greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return`) is to have the courage and charisma to follow a dream, because after all, that's surely the only way you will be truly happy. To fight the world to persue a trail of one's own happyness. Happyness is always out there, as is your dream - so why don't you follow it?

*i never noticed how much obsticles is like testicles.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

living room^

read Ellar's blogg for the ressttee

can't be bothered to type anymore

love benvolio, x