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Monday, March 20, 2006

You're welcome to not read this

here's two hypothesis I've heard many times in the course of being a Christian:

1 - ``Lay all your ambitions down at the foot of the cross, make yourself nothing for God``
2- ``Trust God, he will give you the desires of your heart - He hears your dreams and satisfies your longings``

I think this can be thought of as doublethink.

I feel like a rant at church today. Ella and I went to Surrey Chapel tonight to see a peacher from `Frontiers`, who was the biggest narna ever. His sermon consisted of a .ppt with slide after slide of demographic figures and statistics about central Asia and the Christian populus and a bias history of the area. And he was one of these guys who would randomly shout sentences more to check you're paying attention than any other reason. Now aside from the general disagreeable nature of the man (which isn't in itself enough to deter me from anyone), it was his blatent racism against Islam. He was calling it a dark religion and even saying Stalin was a blessing from God because he stunted the spread of Islam throughout Europe and Asia. Now some people may call me racist, I call it conservatism - but even in my conservative anti-liberalist mindset, I was shocked by this guy's blatent desparagement of 1,200,000,000 people's deepest beliefs. Astonished that (because he said about the Parliamentary bill) he thought he had the right to insult the Islam institution worldwide. Now, much as I think Allah's no more worthy to be worshipped than The Zutons (ie, none at all), one should at least respect the global discimpline of organised religion in that form - also one should especially empathise being a believer in something himeself. I mean I was insensed at Abu Hamza's preaching, and I sure as shoot don't think any Christian has the authority to denounce anybody's beliefs in such a way.

This is a rubbish unstructred blogentry, so I'll publish I think

Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm here to meet You in the place
Somewhere between my self made ruin, and my rejected faith
Lord, how many times must our paths cross here instead of on the mountains?
I've grown accustomed to your voice but not the bitter tingle Your forgivness brings

When I walked in me all that I could hear was Your wisdom
But my heart's desire could not drown out my conceit
I knew my legs were too feeble and could only carry me to the grave
But understand that Yours were far too holy and beyond the reach of my selfish pride

Inspite of all my sin
You're the God who says `sorry` is enough
And where words fall short
You're the God who says the words that words cannot express
And when the sun's gone down and the cupboards are bare
You're the God I can lean on and the only one who sees my fear for what it is
But above all, You're the God who knows better than I do, that my selfish sin soaked self, can be nothing but that

without your sweet breath of compassion upon it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Probably not what you'd learn in an RE lesson... = bad and terrible! = racism!

The first link shows Tony Blair defending the war in Iraq with `God will judge me`, and the media slating him like hell and calling it a scapegoat. Blair declared himslef a Chrsitian years ago, and I still beleive he has always been one. People often say about how he reads the Qu'aan in bed and other judgements they make about his life through the media, but at the end of the day, what richeous man would gamble his soul in such a mannor?! The second link shows a wanker who's ranting about a handful of cartoons which were published in an obscure press in a country half way accross the world (where I'm sure he's never been) in a language he doens't even speak... as were thousends of muslims across the world - this wasn't met with the same reaction as Blair - this was `poor muslims, how could the evil west do such a thing?`... and so begins my rant...

Jihad is nothing but a gay excuse for gays to go out and gay other people because they're too gay to justify their own gay existence, so they shortcut their own lives and by killing upstanding Marks and Spencer shoppers thinking that Allah (hereafter called `Gayla`) gives a gay about their meaningless, DSS, abstract, frittered lives! In my day, we bought GOOD offerings to the gods, like children; virgins; fat calfs (you get the picture), but to be honest, I shoudln't be half surprised if Gayla just turns round and says `and you are?` when these so called `martyrs` get to the pearly gays.

I fully accept and love all Muslims of moderation, and respect their views - i once knew a Muslim lesbian afterall. But if some gay comes and fucking flies planes into hundreds of people's loved ones and cheering is filmed on the streets of Afganistan and Iraq - I should say: ``Oi - gay! - No!``

I'm so insensed at the moment, that political correctness is being stamped over at the gay is using it as a crowbar to get into society. I have a friend who thinks the muslim is infltrating the country - they're the hard working ones and while the rightful inhabitants of this land go out drinking, they take all jobs n stuff. anyway, the point is, there was a time when we had a line, but now, nobody dare have a line because
``it might affect the muslims!`` Who gives a fuck!? How many reading this can say they've never had something made fun of them for? for being fat or weedy or ginger or spotty or Christian or supporting a football team or having a dead mother etc... Verbal offence isn't racism, it isn't prejudism! It's what makes people not slugs! Our country was built on an empire when a man stood up for the position in the world he made for himself and that was with his own dignity., not by fending off unwarey comments with the sword of a lawsuit or the armour of political correctness. And look where we are now - the only terrorism attacs (Save the IRA) on English soil since the gunpowder plot, are the people I've never met, but for whom I have to watch my tongue in case someone happens to be a suiside bomber themselves and takes offence at my freedom of speech and sues me....

But... If a Christian cannot justify his actions leading a war with `my God will judge me` without a public outcry, then I fear this is not the country I grew up in. I've only been around eighteen years, I know, but sweet baby gay has life changed. I rememebr a day when going to church was a social event and one's class mates and teachers were there, and you sang `Jesus' hands are kind hands` in assembly. Now, mum's church meets in a first school and there are posters like `Gayla likes sharing children`... arararaghghrarargahgghrgh! Look 7.9% you may call me racist, but no one can argue that 7.% constitutes to multi culturalism! I don't think 7.9% percent of a society can be called a multicultural society. Now that's ALL minorities = 7.9% vs 92.1% who's ethenic origin is English - not who's nationality is British, but who's actual race is english... And yet, I'd made to feel like an outsider. My company has quotae which they have to fill with the number of female; the number of `ethnic minorities`; the number of disabled staff, but not the number of white males working there, who, it would appear should constitute about 46.1% of the demographic populus.

... and while we're .goving, look at this page there are figures to show the victims of crime by race, but not the purpotrators...

... My point in all this is that in the same way that Israel have to battle the muslim for the identity of their land (albeit entirely different circumstances), we seem to be doing the same, but by our own admission. Things like free asylum; employment quotae and DDA; general liberalisation and political correctness is just eroding our own herritage from within. Racism is what I was on about in the first paragraph about all muslim extremists being evil... defending one's own country and roots isn't racism, it's not evenm pride. It's the lesser evil between patriotism and a capitolist defending his own investments... Yet still, we loose ourselves behind a veil of taboos and facade of amicability while the state is taken for mugs in the process, by those who take from it the most...

Saturday, March 04, 2006


this whiley woman has read neither `Memoirs of a Geisha` - Arther Goldstein OR `Cold Mountain` - Charles Frazier - the former she put down after the first chapter, and has only read the first page or two of the latter!

love benvolio, x