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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Bit bored.

Maybe it's time for a new to do list in no order


1) Jayma Mays
She's not famous jsut yet, but a very strong #1 position.

2) Dido
There's one you didn't expect to see. Spose I had to have a blonde.

3) Alyson Hannigan
Ah, one regret..... (Nuff said)

4) Nadine Coyle
Don't really know why she's on the list except that she can do better than Jesse Metcalfe

5) Kim Possible
shut up, it's my list!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Look how healthy I am

Today I did had a physical at work and

Resting heart rate 66
Body fat 20.9%
Peak flow 700
Blood pressure 158/89

All this is proppppppper healthy (I'm told) excpet my blood pressure which is urging me to find a new job and eat less salt

end transmission

Friday, November 16, 2007

Gideon Defoe

Linky Link

bite size quoate:

‘Aaaarrr. That was unfortunate. Cut through the bow like it was butter, didn’t it?’ [said captain to first mate]

‘Yes sir.’

‘You don’t suppose the bow was actually made from butter though?’

‘No sir. Butter is rarely used in naval construction.’

well it makes me laugh.

This guy's website is thus:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

goood news baaaad news

Bad news:
Linky Link
We can freakin see this from our lounge window (Save for a couple of trees in the way)

Good news:
Linky Link
w00t - we're winning on the war against people not being holy

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Queen, Le France, Church, Bikes and finding Marmelade


Hmm, is 2:09am in a ground floor flat with an asleep wife in the next room any reason not to scream:

I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I'm gonna go go go there's no stopping me
I'm burning through the sky yeah
!!Two hundred degrees that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit!!
I'm travelling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

Good heavens, readers! I've had that song in my head since before the wedding and I've come back from France (in Europe) and for the first time since August we've got internet. Therefore, thanks to limewire I've got a kind of late night/early morning `don't stop me now` burst thing going on.

So. France.

We stayed at a place called Le Chiffre near the north coast by a big bridge. Was really nice to be in the country with nothing (that's right - nothing) to do. I'm glad I didn't have my running shoes or bike with me - I can't remember the last time I just had a week to get fat and do nothing. Was nice to catch up with me for a change, I kind of feel like my feet haven't touched th ground since 2005 (VI form) because if I haven't been searching for my first job I've been moving in with La and if I've not been doing that I've been looking for another job (or eight) and if I've not been doing that we've been wedding planning or moving again or whatever. Anyhoo, 2008 might well be a year when we can reach a nice routine and enjoy life for a bit (before the inevertible accidental baby arrives) so it was nice to start our next chapter of life with a week of peace and quiet with our friends Lauren and Tom.

Right, French cuissine is the badger's nadgers! Fact! I've had more bread/cheese that I can throw a stick at and even snails are kinda nice (wouldn't eat more than the six on my plate though). I had McCkrall (Sp? - fish) too which was really cool - especially as I'm the sort of greyhound whom doesn't tent to be very adventerous avec food.

We came back via the hypermarket with *pauses to count* twelve (dix-deux??? I can't do Francais numbers quite yet but I can look at a shop keeper while pointing to a jam jar and say `Orange??` to get marmelade quite sucessfully) bottles of wine. Now, the trouble and wife and I don't tend to drink wine so if we know you - you'll likely as not be getting wine for Christmas as it's oooooober cheap. There was a bottle of blonk in the shop for 67eurocent - that's about 50p (but we didn't get that).

Ferry was great fun on the deck - was lovelly morning crossing en le way there but it was a windy Novombre evening when we came back and my I had fun on deck!! The other three were down in the restauranty bit looking at me (and playing uno) leaning at an extraordinary angle into the wind. Hardcore - that's me. Didn't throw up though which was nice.

Only annoying thing in France is the driving and lack of talent thereof. Oh also - why does everyone in France own (I won't say drive as that would be an insult to the verb) Renault Espaces????? EVERYONE!

What else?

Oh yeah - what a cheap holiday - the ferry (return) for the four of us and a 1.9TDi Audi was 40 quid and a week's accomodation (with a questionable claim to `two bedrooms`) was 70 quid for the week and three course dinner was 18 Euros.


That's about all that happened with france. Have just come back home this evening to working internet and washing up we forgot to do.

What else is new..


I got told off for not making enough of an effort with Laura's birthday so we `video-talked` the events leading up to the day and realised that we still love each other. Paul and Heather - you guys are the BEST!

I've got my eye on a new bike that I'm going to build from scratch thus:
Deore LX gearset £60
Deore rear mechanical disky £25
Tektro front disky £25
Brand x 19 inch superlight hardtail frame £60 (how great is that!?)
Deore LX `V` brake levers £15
SRAM 9sp chain & cassette ???
DMR V8 pedals £21
XTR zero stack integrated headset (woo) £12
DMR Lock ons £15
Martineu 100mm forks £inherited
Mavic DH wheels £from old MTB
Deore crankset with cartirdge BB £from old bike
Bontrager handlebar and stem £inherited and from old bike

September 3rd 2008 riding up Ben Nevis towards Fort William MTB trail centre on sweet ass bike (valued at £500) Priceless!

Down side of that is I'll have to sell my road bike and most of my current mountain bike to afford. Woe. What cruel world we live in!

What else?

House is almost sorted - we've gotten to the point where we think `sod it` and it's easier to live with what's left to sort than to sort what's left to sort.

Thinking about having a part-hay about new years.

Oh yeah-

We're at a church that sucks at the moment. At least the worship is gay. For a start I don't tend to merit churches who allow the words `worship` and `singing` to be used synonymously because if it bothers me then it's blatently heretical. (Benpal infallibility and all that).

Okay so I have some opportunities to be more relaxed about my hang ups with the ``worship`` aspect of* church but the teaching at the church is superb and the fellowship is fantastic. There are people of La and my peer which is important to us. Under the advice of Paul and Heather we sat down on honeymoon afore our impending relocation to Diss to say

`good day to you, spouse. What suppose you that church woulds't be??`

and we listed those things that we needed church to be (if any in my case) and those niggling things that we dislike/hate/punch about church where we'd have to sacrifice our pride and just grin and bear. The outcome was my blood pressure increases whenever someone says

`we're just going to have some time to... to just... just wait on the Lord. Just... just come to him... just in your own way... Lord we Just want to just call you just a just God...` etc

but it doesn't kill me and if it means putting up with that to have an environment where La and me can make friends, be supported, learn and maybe one day raise mini-blah's then it's worth the self sacrifice.

Praise the Lord I work every other Sunday morning though.

I'm thinking about job hunting come January. Maybe I'll take the plunge and apply to be a PCSO. Mostly I'm inspired by more money as I think I'm worth more than I'm currently being paid. And if I get a job in diss then I can sell my moped and upgrade that LX gear set to and XTR (But then I'd never be home as I'd always be trail riding so maybe that isn't an awesome idea).

If I don't, however, have the bottle to apply to be a PSCO I'm not really inspired as to what to do.
Suggestions welcome.

Right, is now 3:06 and it's novembre and the central heating hasn't been on for a week and my tartan slippers are struggling with the cold so I think I'll listen to `don't stop me now` again and go to bed. (I'm going on a bike ride tomorrow)