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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ben's philosophy....

Here's ben's thoughts on:

the millenium dome
mouldy bread
bad films
bus bombers
stupid cultures (ie those which aren't mine)
old people
the French

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some pics from a walk the other saturday

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ben's list of the evilist baddies ever...

Professer G. Lockhart
Is really mean but everyone thinks he's propper nice. He cons his way into fame and thinks detention is fun when it's with him. At least you-know-who admits he's mean unlike Lockhart who is just a spanner.

Evil consultant from work. enough said! apart from we'll call her dragon monster of death to hide her identity

Hatsumomo San
Honestly, she has so much earth it's unreal. She's even eviler in the book than in the film. She tries to ruin Sayuri while she herself goes out with delivery men and gets drunk and does mean things.

... As in the evil dog from Tom and Jerry - he's so mean - any dog that bad should be put down!

Frog Princess
Never trust the air of the anflibian

Jarad ("From Girlfriend in a Coma" - Douglass Coupland)
Okay, everyone think's he's great, but not even I'm that crude. Plus he got Wendy pregnant without even telling her - that's so bad - even if he was a ghost! Vile man.

Graham Norton

The French
60,656,178 to despise (demographic figure credited to Google)

Robert Mugabe
What a tit. Some one i work with (white) lived in Zimbabwe during his reign and apparently he was an idiot before the world realised he was one.

Bush / Blair haters
Grow up and sniff the Romans 6, foo'! (is that the verse, Carl?)

He's not cute, he just puts a cuddly facade onto what is in all honesty - horror

Tom Delonge
Part time singer of Blink182 - part time spaz - full time idiot who can't sing and got famous off the back of Travis Barker (legend) and Mark Hoppus (fit) before leaving them and then reasling he can't sing or play

Father Dick Byrne
We like Father Ted :)

Want to do (aka Wanado aka Freeserve)
They're French and stopped our livebox from working and re-imbersed us £2.40 for a weeks lack of use

love benvolio, z

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I'm glad my tv license pays for pics like this. thank you BBC website :)

(p.s - mr BBC director I promise to pay my licence when i have a tele - until then, cheers for the entertaining pic)