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Sunday, December 25, 2005


I'm sorry, I was blackmailed into putting the first pic on

second pic shows how wonderful La is at wrapping presents.

not bothered aboot third pic but table looked nice.

I'm off to bed

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Seek and ye shall find [God]

the wee woman's gone to sleep so i thought i might blog quickly before midnight guitaring.

If I wake up tomorrow and my La isn't there, I'd probably run franticly around the house looking under every cushion ringing her phone (which will undoubtedly have no battery!) and eventually collapse into a sobbing wreck if I think I'm never going to see or touch her again. The thought of never kissing her again, never tasting her cooking again, not hearing her nagging again, not emailing her at work and having her bring me lunch is petrifying, and I'd never be the same again.

but how long would it take me to notice if one day God disappeared?

I once heard `if you was a Christian, and Christianity became a crime, would the be enough evidence to convict you?`, well I'm thinking `If God were a lover, and one day the lover just disappeared, would there be enough evidence to notice they're missing?`. It's an odd thought, and two years ago I'd have said `by jellybean, I'm so holy I could notice a God in a haystack!`, but sometimes I don't even know whether the kingdom of Heaven is inside of me, let alone working out where I can find my omnipotent God!

I think I'll wake up tomorrow and hug La extra specially nicely, and make more of an effort to seek God in every tiny crevace of life.

[p,s - thanks for the comment Mark T]

Monday, December 05, 2005



It's a new day, but it all feels old
It's a good life, that's what I'm told
But everything, it all just feels the same
And my high school, it felt more to meLike a jail cell, a penitentiary
My time spent there, it only made me see
That I don't ever wanna be like you
I don't wanna do the things you do
I'm never gonna hear the words you say
'Cause I don't ever wanna, I don't ever wanna be You...don't wanna be just like you What I'm sayin' is this is the anthem throw all your hands up, you, don't wanna be you

"Go to college, a university, get a real job,"
That's what they said to me
But I could never live the way they want
I'm gonna get by and just do my time, out of step while they all get in line
I'm just a minor threat so pay no mind
Do you really wanna be like them, do you really wanna be another trend?
Do you wanna be part of their crowd?
'Cause I don't ever wanna, no I don't ever wanna be
You...don't wanna be just like you
What I'm sayin' is this is the anthem throw all your hands up, you, don't wanna be you Shake it once, that's fineShake it twice, that's okayShake it three times, you're playing with yourself againYou...don't wanna be just like youWhat I'm sayin' is this is the anthem throw all your hands up,Y'all got to feel me, sing if you're with me, you, don't wanna be just like you (just like you)This is the anthem throw all your hands up, y'all got to feel me, sing if you're with me

So I listen to this instead, and in six hours or so, all will be back to my officy mortgage machine conveyor belt insignificant `job`

Yeh, this one's for the workers who toil night and day
By hand and by brain to earn your pay
Who for centuries long past for no more than your bread
Have bled for your countries and counted your dead
In the factories and mills, in the shipyards and mines
We've often been told to keep up with the times
For our skills are not needed, they've streamlined the job
And with sliderule and stopwatch our pride they have robbed[Chorus:]
We're the first ones to starve the first ones to die
The first ones in line for that pie-in-the-sky
And always the last when the cream is shared out
For the worker is working when the fat cat's about
And when the sky darkens and the prospect is war
Who's given a gun and then pushed to the fore
And expected to die for the land of our birth
Though we've never owned one lousy handful of earth?[Chorus x3]
All of these things the worker has done
From tilling the fields to carrying the gun
We've been yoked to the plough since time first began
And always expected to carry the can